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The Slainte Fitness Center was constructed at USLI in 2004 to help drive health and wellness throughout the company. Since then, the fitness center has evolved and now offers multiple programs, challenges and resources throughout the year to assist employees and their families in becoming the healthiest versions of themselves. In 2011 the Renewed You Challenge was born with the vision of extending health and wellness to our customers. The challenge was developed by our Slainte Fitness and Wellness team made up of fitness professionals with degrees in Exercise Science and various nationally accredited certifications. Each year the team motivates the challenge participants to make progress towards a healthier lifestyle by providing them with a fun fitness challenge that encourages gradual changes over time. Participants are challenged to get outside their comfort zone and make healthier decisions.

Our goal isn’t to just assist you for 14 weeks, but to give you guidance throughout the year. We hope that our resources provided throughout the year empower a healthy and happy lifestyle. Remember, wellness is a journey not a destination.

History of Renewed You

USLI’s annual Renewed You Wellness Challenge is in its twelfth year. Developed by certified fitness specialists, this 14-week challenge is designed to introduce healthy living in the lives of many. The challenge was also created to raise awareness for the HOCET Secondary School in Tanzania, a school developed to equip vulnerable children with tools to change their futures. Winners of the challenge were sent to spend time at the HOCET Secondary School, followed by a trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro. In 2014 and 2015, we started advocating for a nonprofit called Half the Sky, an organization focused on enriching the lives of orphaned children in China. Challenge winners were sent to spend time at a Half the Sky Medical Center, followed by a trip to hike the Great Wall of China and Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Aside from the past focus on raising funds and awareness for these nonprofit organizations, this challenge was built to help USLI people and customers join together for a long-term health and wellness challenge. We believe business and health have a direct effect on one another, and we want to help others achieve a renewed you, get outside their comfort zone and push others to get involved.

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